Corporate Housing
Frequently Asked Questions
  Is a parking space included with the apartment at no charge?
One parking stall is included with a Corporate Apartment, which can be upgraded to a reserved space. You can also lease an additional stall with a Corporate Suite at Marquette Place for $95.00 per month or $115.00 (reserved) and at OneTen Grant for $80.00 per month or $98.00 (reserved).
  What does the rent on a Corporate Apartment include?
All utilities, including Air, Heat, Water/Sewer & Trash, cable TV, local phone, electricity, wireless internet and one unreserved parking space. The price also includes kitchen cookware, towels, bedding, furnishings, decorations, and some cleaning tools. For more information, please see our Corporate Apartment section.
  Are additional phone lines and DSL available?
Additional phone lines are available at your own cost through Qwest.  DSL is provided by the building with speeds up to 5Mbps. 
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